Soma Bodywork


Soma is a powerful integrative process that weaves together deep structural bodywork, movement training and body/mind education to promote change.

Soma bodywork frees up the fascia (otherwise known as connective tissue) in the body so that it can optimize its own natural alignment and energy.

As you move toward greater physical organization, balance, and alignment, your innate wisdom and function is restore. Each session is designed to bring a greater sense of suspension and freedom back into the body.

Using the structural integrative techniques of Soma Bodywork, the Soma sessions can address chronic health conditions of low back, shoulder, neck and knee pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica and plantar fasciitis.

While Soma Bodywork is a form of massage, it takes massage to a much deeper level by being a truly mind-body approach to massage.  Soma addresses physical issues by adjusting structural alignment and balance via soft tissue manipulation. It addresses emotional issues by transforming how a client feels in their bodies. Soma shifts and integrates body, mind, and spirit, thereby altering the way clients feel, see, and interact with the world.

At OptimalLife Wellness Center, we are excited to be able to offer our clients this unique and powerful mind-body approach to massage. We are certain that it will be a great benefit to our clients in their search for whole body wellness and optimization.

If you feel you are not ready, for any reason, for this level of massage work, we also offer traditional and deep tissue massage therapies.  Please call our intake office for more details and to schedule an appointment at: 425-298-4468.