Elizabeth Bruno, LMHC

Liz Bruno is a strength-based Clinical Therapist whose goal it is to collaboratively walk with you through the therapeutic process to provide you with an increase in self-warmth, hope, insight and healing.

Liz Bruno’s philosophy is centered on her belief that whether you struggle with addiction, trauma, anxiety, suicidality, depression or any other mental health issue, these are just a small piece of the larger, greater, multi-faceted jigsaw puzzle of who you are.

A person is greater than the sum of their parts and does not need to be defined by having addiction or mental health issues.

Liz’s goal is to help you embrace all parts of yourself, in a safe and empowering environment and to learn coping tools to manage your challenges in a way that will help you live purposefully and with more joy.

Liz Bruno graduated with both her BS and MA from Santa Clara University, where her basketball jersey was recently retired for continuing to hold the Men and Women’s Rebounding Record.

Liz believes that the genesis of her relentless positivity, her embracement of strengths, her goal-setting and her belief in the perseverance of the human heart all began with her experiencing the specific physical, mental and emotional challenges of competitive athletics.

Liz has had the privilege of working with clients with diverse backgrounds and issues including: Eastfield Ming Quang Residential Treatment Center for Emotionally Disturbed boys in Campbell, California. Liz also worked at Sound Mental Health in Bellevue, WA. focusing on older adults with mental health issues. In addition, Liz worked for Fairfax Behavior Health Hospital with many clients struggling with addiction and mental health issues such as trauma, depression and suicidality. Recently, Liz spent a year at a PMO in Bellevue, WA, assisting clients with addictions in navigating through their sobriety as they learned coping tools to promote mood stability.

Theoretically, Liz utilizes a Cognitive Restructuring approach turning negative self-talk into empowering positive self-talk and to help build confidence, desensitize and overcome fears. Liz teaches Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) tools such as Distress Tolerance, Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation and Interpersonal Communication to help remain present-centered and prevent impulsive urge justification.

Liz Bruno is a compassionate, humanistic therapist who will hold your heart gently.

Liz is a member of the American Counseling Association. She has two grown sons and one canine daughter.

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