About Alberta Conrad

Hello! I’m Alberta Conrad.

My own life path has been a complicated journey of growing up into the person I’ve become in late middle age. Growing up as an adopted only child I always had questions about my biological family, and in my 40’s I was able to find and connect with my biological mom and three sisters. This was a major transforming event in my life and gave me a new sense of who I was. Now, as my family has grown quite large and includes step children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren, I have faced transitions all along the way. There were losses as well. Adjusting to the many family changes helped me develop compassion, tolerance and understanding for others’ life situations and challenges. My career path led into counseling, in public schools and mental health agencies where I spent 23 years working with children, families, and supervising staff and interns. For the past 2 years I have been doing contract work with a very successful private practice. I have also been a consultant with organizations working with foster and adoptive families.

When I retired I began the process of asking what that retirement would look like. When a former adult client called with anxiety about his upcoming retirement, that planted a seed in my mind about my next calling. I had always been curious about how people make decisions and plans especially around big changes or transitions in their lives. Whether it’s what to major in in college, what occupation to go into, whom to marry, when to have children—all of these mark major decision points. So does the decision to RETIRE. My own process of reading, researching, and talking to others has helped that seed grow. As lives become longer and many of us will live to our 90’s, the whole paradigm of retirement has changed. There are now many more options—to start a new career, to find meaningful volunteer work, to travel, to find time for hobbies, to spend more quality family time, etc., etc. etc. Most people facing retirement now are NOT looking to spend more time in the rocking chair or simply playing golf.

Personally, I have found more time in semi-retirement for spending time with family, cooking, travel, exercise, and time at my cottage. However, I also needed to find a meaningful purpose in order to feel the real joy in a new stage of life. Finding meaning in our lives becomes even more important when we are not bogged down with the day-to-day routines of most working lives.

This is why I believe RETIRE INSPIRED COACHING can be a helpful tool as people add new leaves to their tree of life. Hopefully coaching, through intentional questions and conversations, will open up creativity for new ideas to bloom. For those contemplating retirement or already retired. this process can make the transition more meaningful by helping people determine and meet their new goals.

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